Made for babies.

19 Apr

Midwives assisting with birth

Its interesting to think how far our society has gone with doctors.  I do not know where women got the idea that doctors are a ‘knight in shining armor’ here to rescue them from their pregnancy. And while the AMA has been incredible at making themselves fit that role. Regardless, it’s a lie.

When I hear a mother say, “They are going to let me have my baby ____________…” I cringe. Since when do they own you?! IT IS NOT UP TO THEM to tell you how and where you birth. It is up to YOU! **newsflash** YOUR BODY IS SMARTER THAN ANY DOCTOR IN THE WORLD!  If you think its up to them, you have been deceived. Your doctor is not a knight in shining armor here to save the day. You do not have to just be happy with what they will and will not let you do & 9 times out of 10 you do not need saving.This in no way means you should be foolish with your pregnancy.  IT is YOUR JOB, as a mother, to be informed about upcoming decisions that will affect you and your baby.

Lets have a little history lesson.  Before physicians entered the field of birth, which is roughly within the last 100 to 150 years, laboring women were primarily attended by midwives. These were women who had experience in dealing with birth. Friends and family of the laboring woman would come to her home to assist her, encourage her, and help ease her through the birth. Men, generally were not allowed in the room. Then afterward, these women would continue help her until she was ready to take over her household duties again.

Another practice that has been used since ancient times is the practice of squatting.  Now days, you usually see that women have been required to push while lying on their backs with their legs in the air. Physiologically, this is a very poor position in which to facilitate maternal pushing efforts as it opposes gravity.  Though this form of delivery is widely accepted as the norm,  as far back as we have records or stories about birthing, we see references to women giving birth in an upright or squatting position.

Truly, everyone is different.  I think one of the best birthing scenarios is one where the mother can move around… and I’m not just meaning walking down the halls.  Rather where she can rock, squat, sit, lay, bounce, stretch, kneel, etc.  Birth isn’t a one position process, so why be forced into laying on your back?

Educate yourself on your birth.  If you wait til you are 8 months pregnant to start writing a birth plan, you are behind.  If you start thinking of these things before you even get pregnant you are well ahead of the game.  Every decision you make from the time that egg is fertilized effects you plus 1….or maybe 2!  So be prepared, be educated, again, THIS IS YOUR BODY, YOUR BABY, and YOUR DECISION!  Don’t be misinformed or scared into unnecessary procedures or drugs.

If you are educated and know all your choices (truly know them) and are 100% happy with having an induction or a surgical birth, then by all means, I respect that. But do NOT let an OB in a white coat tell you how your body can and can not birth. Due dates are an estimate. You can birth a healthy baby at 42, 43 and even over 44 weeks.  Your body can birth vaginally after one or more c-sections, its known as a VBAC. You can birth a breech baby vaginally. You body was made for this!

There are many OB’s and midwives out there. Find another one who will support you to birth how YOU choose to birth.  There are always choices. You just have to decide what you are comfortable with. Your doctor isn’t going to come and grab you at one week past due date and drag you to the hospital.

For you baby’s sake, you owe it to him or her to be the parent.  This is essentially your first time to be “the parent” for this beautiful little creation.   So take advantage of this moment.


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